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Water Transported Through The Blockchain 

3 Phases To A Golden Future

GLDN through its strategic partner, NorthWater Greenland, has procured reserve and export rights for over 1.6 Gigatons or 1.6 Billion Metric tons of Greenlandic water.


Phase 1

The GLDN team has begun exploring various storage locations to plan for shipments to a Strategic Water Reserve (SWR). After speaking with multiple local, state, and federal governments in the United States, we have committed to allocating resources in times of national water emergencies.


Phase 2

Gold Retriever plans on building a bottling facility and

a basecamp in Greenland.

We will be signing a bottling deal in the next few weeks with a major exporter of water in that area.


Phase 3

The final stage is to build a full functioning port where tankers will be able to fill up with Blu Arctic and transport the water globally. We are vetting several energy companies. 
Hydropower will be also be generated from damming these reserves.


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Gold Retriever 
Introduces its Newest Product.

Blu Arctic (BARC) now part of the GLDN ecosystem!

Decentralization Is Now.

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